Online Sessions

Access supportive therapy via computer, smart phone or tablet at a moment in your day that works for you.

Megan provides counseling and therapy to clients living in the state of Pennsylvania.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy sessions occur via HIPAA certified video conferencing. Online therapy is also referred to as teletherapy, telemedicine or telehealth services.

How does it work?

Therapy provides a space for you to explore your anxieties, emotions, and struggles in a safe space. Online therapy provides this safe space via secure, encrypted connections so that you can access a virtually safe space with your therapist wherever you are.

Once you have scheduled a session or consultation, I will provide you with a link to your secure video session.

Why Online Therapy Sessions?

Online therapy sessions offer a way to fit therapy into your day.

When life is too busy to make it to therapy, there are other ways to find the support you need.

Video conferencing is a way for you to connect with therapy from the comfort of wherever you are.

Therapy sessions via HIPAA compliant servers are secure so you can be sure that your sessions are confidential just like an in office session.

Is online therapy a good fit for me?

As with in-person therapy, finding a clinician and mode of therapy that meets your individual needs is important.

Prior to beginning online therapy, take time to identify if it is the best source of therapy for you. Are you comfortable communicating via technology? Would online therapy meet your goals and needs?

The best way to identify if it is a good fit is to complete a free consultation with Megan.

Is online therapy effective?

Online interventions offer a means to remove barriers to care and increase access to therapeutic support.

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HIPAA Compliance

Ma Zen Space utilizes secure data encryption via and Gsuite applications for healthcare providers. All emails, video therapy sessions, and intake forms occur according to HIPAA standards.

HIPPA stands for the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”. This is a government mandated privacy rule for standards of care for healthcare providers to secure your privacy.